Blue Gua Sha Tool
Blue Gua Sha Tool

Blue Gua Sha Tool


Take your Gua Sha game to the next level with this 4 in 1 massage tool. This electronic scraping device is a combination of gua sha, heating, vibration and LED red light therapy. Combine all 4 features for that glowing skin from within. 

Vibration Benefits (8000RPM)

Relaxes deep tissue 

Promotes lymphatic drainage

Heating Benefits (45 Degree Celsius)

Better skin care absorption

Accelerates blood circulation

Soothes jaw muscle, TMJ

Eliminates puffiness and removes toxins 

Red LED Light Therapy Benefits (630nm)

Tightens and firms skin

Stimulates collagen production


1. Vibration + LED

2. Heating + LED 

3. Heating + Vibration 

4. Heating + Vibration + LED